The Politics of Childcare Laws

Baby Angle William Samuel

My Story

I am the mother of William Samuel, Gregory Michael, and Wyatt Lee. I have two 

little boys at home and one in heaven. My first-born son (11-7-08 to 2-2-09)

died in the home of his babysitter at the age of 3 months. The trial is still

pending and scheduled for this summer. 

Since the death of my son, I have become much more aware of the current 

childcare laws in the state of Missouri. Sadly, there is no law in place to prevent 

those accused of serious crimes from turning their homes into unlicensed 

daycare centers.

This means anyone with a serious pending criminal charge is able to advertise as 

an in-home childcare provider. Something really must be done about this. If 

you'd like to learn more about Sam Pratt's Law, check out the support page.

Please also take the time to visit  Nathan's Army, Childcare Aware and NACCRRA.

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