Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Forgiveness intended the unintended
When attended the attendee
Of neediness be?
Of neediness
Or needy wander
The needed to wander
A rome and to squander
Of what of a lie
A sweet
A sweet
Oh how could this be sweet
The attended need not to be forgiven
Forewarned maybe concerned
A friend to be friended
However attended?
I think not
I think the forgiveness sought
Is the attendance
Really to cover remembrance
To feed the forlorn
The tarnished concern
For wouldn't the attendee
Find the needy
The real need be
In who she did see
Then of course wept
Known not the decept
The deceit really be
The attended or the attendee
However who went to wander
Oh who wander to went
Then however who was
Who wouldn't commit
Forgiveness unfounded
Confound confined
What answers should be told
With attendance denied

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