Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Random Rant

In the news today. I haven't read the news. I guess I should have picked up a STL Post last night because the GO! section always has so many places worth checking into... coincidentally I never seem to go anywhere. I just stay at home whining about how much I miss my kiddos who seem to spend every waking minute with their father and my in-laws. I just hope the only place they are spending their time is at my mother and father in-laws as my husband assures me they are because I would hate for my children to be spending the night or any significant amount of time with others to whom I have never been introduced too or introduced to environments I haven't even taken into consideration. Oh my goodness gracious did I just say that out-loud? No, no I did not, however, I am most certainly thinking... thinking... thinking... and there happens to be several subjects on my mind I am not speaking about. Phew. That was a lot of either useless information and/or uninteresting amount of concern the Internet world may or may not be interested in reading. However, I have yuck, how do I say this politely? I'm not so sure there is a polite lady like way of saying anything these days. Alright, I'm separated. The oh so unusual housewife is uh... huh... Separated. Yeah. I think that is the only nice way to put what I'm trying to say. I haven't been writing much. In all actuality I shouldn't be writing much about this at all. Sigh. I miss my babies.

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