Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Of My Words

I Asked For Love; I Did Not Ask For This
(Just so ya know there isn't any word play here. No symbolism.)

I asked for kisses in the morning
I asked for love at night

I asked for love not sorrow
I didn't ask for this

All these words of anger
Fear and balled up fists

I have never knew another lover
To cause me so much pain
Constant lies and endless blame

Tell me there's no other
Hold me tight tonight

Kiss me please so tender
In places weak and sore
Although I should hate you
I only want to love
I know I shouldn't --
Love you the same as before

I want love not sorrow
Pleasure without pain
Save the words of anger
Please just hold me tight
Forget your other lover
Just stay with me tonight

Follow me forever
With words so sweet

I could listen amongst the laughter
Plead against the fear 
I am so tired of lies

Lies hold on forever
I didn't ask for this

I asked for love not sorrow
I didn't ask for this

Keep Talking; I Like The Sound of Your Voice

I'm not who you think I am
I'm simple and true
During the night and all day too

So keep looking at me
All talking --
Only know someone's lying
I only wish I knew who was

They tell you I'm someone
I'm someone I'm not
They all call me names
They speak without thought

The real truth
As free as I was
The love I did give
I gave out because

I wanted to feel passion
And lust --
What life has to give
The difference is love

They'll tell you my 
Words --
Are all signs of fear
And this part is true
Because they've painted
This here.

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