Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oppression is a Word After All Who Knew?

I'm crying now for those of you who can't already tell. Today has been an interesting day. I opened my e-mail and found myself a member of something called The Mission List.

I am proud they approved me to be a member because I have no money to donate. I have little influence. I have few friends and I have very few people who want to listen to what I have to say but still this group was kind enough to accept me as a member. Why do you ask? I'm not sure why.

A project this group supports is The Half Sky Movement with the slogan 'Turning Oppression into Opportunity Worldwide.' Anyone who would like to download free music celebrating the independence of women could visit this link.

I cannot pretend I have read The Half Sky, although, I have visited this site explaining the reason's behind the book as well as the documentary. There are good people in this world somewhere even if the Internet is sometimes the only place you can find them.

True story.

Read about The Half Sky Movement to put and end to sex trafficking worldwide. Even though these things could take place in your backyard and no one would ever know... doesn't mean it is okay not to think about how wrong they are.

What a woman chooses to do with her body is her choice. Stand for the right for a women to make this choice. Do not ignore that sometimes the choice is easily manipulated. Every girl, every woman, no matter who they are, no matter what background they are from deserves to be forced into a situation she may not be proud to be in. Men need to know this.

Updated 9-22-12 12:37pm *A thought I left out: Women also need to stand together to show what respect without regard to social standings or economical conditions really means. Something I feel has been forgotten. Women tend to pick each other apart based on bias views. Something we easily forget isn't right. Something those who work with The Half Sky Movement are choosing to expose through education. Social bias towards women. The need for education. Social change.

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  1. Hi Hannah
    I read this after reading your post for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. You certainly have the right idea but I think you might want to make a small change in your second-to-last paragraph. Just changing "Every girl, every woman" to "No girl, no woman...deserves to be forced into..." would get your message across.
    I hope this is helpful to you.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada


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