Monday, September 17, 2012

News From Me

On Saturday, I attended the filming of a music video called Tattoo. I thought I'd try my stint as a groupie. A long overdue secret wish, I think everyone has dreamed about at sometime or another. Anyway, the name of the song was Tattoo but I'm here to tell you I felt a little bit taboo.

I did not go to be in the video since I do not have a tattoo. I just thought I'd sit along the sidelines to watch excellence take place. I have been reading a book about early filmmakers so, I was expecting to see what I have been reading about put in to real life. Not so much. I may have opened my mouth. However, when I spoke I do not think anyone wanted to know what I was talking about. I guess no one there understood the idea of groupies with artistic integrity. Poor them. What do they think groupies are for anyway? Inspiration people. Inspiration. 

I think I may need to read a little less and do a little something. However, hmmm... I guess almost thirty year old housewives do not make for obvious muses. Therefore, I may have to stick to reading. I wrote down some words will you put them to music.... Anyone? Anyone out there listening. I wrote those words for a reason.

In other news, Wyatt will turn one this week. Saturday will be his very first party. I think I may need to get on with the birthday party planning. I didn't invite anyone until last night. I'm only too excited for friends, family to show. I think I should have mentioned 'everyone is welcome' and 'no gifts necessary.' I just want to see everyone!

I also have been writing a little. Hush, hush, I guess this is a bit of an embarrassment really. I never seem to finish anything. I start, I stop, I start, I stop. You know. Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about my ideas of certain things. I wouldn't want to impose upon anyone so I have been keeping them all hush hush to myself and all. I may be feeling a little 'Emily Dickinson' the past couple of months. Do you know Emily Dickinson? How about Emily Dickinson and her misunderstood style of poetry? I sure do, people, I sure do.

Oh, and how about HBO having a free weekend. Anyone been watching Boardwalk Empire? When I first began watching the show, I noticed Martin Scorsese. I was immediately interested. Now, I cannot claim I know all about directors, however, Scorsese is a name I recognize. You know his name is kind of one of those names that make you set up a little straighter in your chair so-to-speak.

Anyway, while watching Boardwalk Empire there was one scene in particular that made me take notice. The scene took place in a store with three women. One woman seemed to be in charge of a high-end retail store, the other woman worked there, and another woman was buying things while trying them on. All three of the womens' lives were connected somehow. A innocent little slip of the tongue in the form of an accent made me laugh, as never before. 

I couldn't help myself. I had to know more about the story line than what I had been seeing on screen. I googled Boardwalk Empire. I google HBO. I googled Scorsese. I couldn't get enough information. Then I read the name Herbert Asbury when reading something completely altogether different, unrelated, of course to Boardwalk Empire or so I thought.

Anyway, the name Asbury also makes me sit a little straighter in my chair. Why? Do you ask? Do you want to know why? Well, I will tell you why. It has to do with a little joke me family used to tell me about Dwayne. Knock knock. Whose there. Dwayne. Dwayne the bath tub I'm drowning! Dwayne may or may not be a distant cousin across the side of the family tree whom I may or may not have ever met.  

Okay, so I then read somewhere about the Gangs of New York. I read about Herbert Asbury. I read about the temperance movement. I  read and re-read things I had studied about women's rights and civil liberties. And do you know what I found. I found a limitless amount of knowledge. Writers, artists, and musicians evoke social change. I know this know. I also know Boardwalk Empire is about social change. If you watch HBO this weekend watch closely for the cues. If your looking you will find them. Women's rights. Social change. There is so much beyond prohibition.

Socially poignant. Re-write history. 

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