Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Misinterpitation, Individuals, The right to choose

Okay, Please allow me to be mouthy today. Oh, yes, to clear anyone's misinterpitation of what I might mean when I use the word mouthy. I mean I have something I feel needs said. No misinterpitation I assure you.

I read something today that I didn't like. Okay, I read a few things I didn't like. I listened to some words I wasn't all together too happy with and then... I listened to some Queen. Yes, Queen. The legendary band Queen. I thought about some things, about misinterpreted injustices misunderstandings and the choices other people make when they believe an individual's best interest is something altogether different than the choices an individual chooses to make.

I watched a documentary about a woman photographer a few years back, when I heard "There is a divine connectedness to all things." The documentary was about a woman photographer who worked for Harper's Bazaar, an early American fashion magazine. When I heard the words "divine connectedness" they meant something to me.

They meant the choices in life women choose to make for themselves.  How a photographer chooses to display the integrity of a model, the strength beyond the design, the fashion, the lighting, beyond a picturesque feeling these photographs give life  to ideals. The ideals we have to display are those we choose. Individual goals are linked. They are a process. Choices taken. Choices not to be misunderstood nor misinterpreted. Those words might have meant something altogether different to the woman photographer. Yet, to me those words meant enlightenment. Enlightenment in the form of knowledge. Simple. Knowledge. The connectedness of artists.

Novelists, poets, screenplay writers, illustrators, painters, musicians as well as several other different names there are to depict different types of artists, they all use different forms of speech. They all use symbolism within different forms to display a meaning. The beauty of interpretation is the thought process that goes into the possibility of symbolic meanings. The idea we should all think about what we may be reading, about what we maybe seeing, the idea that artistic expression could have a meaning.

Thomas Capote is connected to Harper Lee. They are both connected to Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol is connected to Harper's Bazaar. Harper's Bazaar is connected to Hearst Magazine. Hearst magazine connects many talented authors, illustrators, poets, writers, musicians, designers, photographers. Andy Warhol connects screenplays, screen-printing, cartoons, Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, The Factory, Pollock, The color field painters, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Action painters, Williem de Kooning, and have you seen de Kooning? No? Art history? Anyone?

How about Andy Warhol to Devo, David Bowe, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, Bridgette Bardot then we could go into films. However, let's just say divine interconnectedness had meaning. Chose to embrace the meaning or "go your own way". Are those song lyrics. Yes, I think those are song lyrics. "Which way did he go boys which way did he go" I think those are words from a famous cartoon. Cartoonist? Cartoonist? Anyone? Anyone know a famous cartoonist.

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