Friday, September 14, 2012

Boys, Movies,The Original Duckfaces, and Acquaintances

Today, I am thinking about films. One film in particular I am thinking of today is Zoolander. Anybody remember Zoolander? Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Christine Taylor who we all know better as Marsha from The Brady Bunch.

How about the original Duckface? Anyone? Anyone remember the original Duckface? Blue Steele Would you believe idea for the original Duckface was from a picture I took? No. No, you wouldn't.

Okay, well, let's suppose someone interviewed me for... uh... uh... anyway in this interview I told a story about a man who saved lives when he had seen someone smoking a lit cigarette at a gas station.

The way I had heard the story the man was an unsung hero. 'Unsung' meaning this man who saved lives didn't receive recognition. Therefore, the people whose lives he changed wouldn't ever know. I think about the story I was told, and about how the story was told to me, then I found this clip in the movie Zoolander.

Now you want to talk films now do you? How about duckfaces? God, I wish I had that picture I took of Hulsey at a North County High School Wrestling match. Because I know no one will ever believe me but... I sweat Hulsey inspired Ben Stiller's Duckface.

Of course, Ben Stiller probably won't entertain the notion. I just have this feeling this has to be at least part way true. Anyway, Ben Stiller. The character of the man you played in the Gas station story was my hero. And yes, he 'promoted literacy for children who could not read good.' How do I know this? Because his wife used to read to me.

How do I know about films? I... I... I... well... I...I... okay flippin Patrick Williams taught me everything I know about films.

In the short time we were friends, he taught me about color representation, the use of language, the use of objects in each scene. He showed me about how when letters are used in each clip of a movie those letters usually reference something which means something to the director in some way. A way, most individuals who are watching a movie for the purpose of entertainment most likely will not choose to notice. Most people do not care what they are looking at when they are watching a movie.

I have to admit, I haven't always been all about movies. Although, when I do watch something I like to talk about what I'm seeing. I wonder about the point of view and who might have put the ideas together. I wonder about the music played. I think about the emotions the lyrics evoke. I think about the different ideas other people might take from the same song that I did not.

When I watch a movie, I often see something different each time. My take often depends on my mood and my ability to perceive images on screen as representations of a whole. Each scene of a movie poses a different set of ideas, some times this equals an entirely different viewpoint than what a general audience is meant to see.

Although, I cannot leave out, there have been quite a few movies I've seen lately that are lacking unity somehow. When I look individually at each scene I do not find a story quality. I am finding more often than not, what I'm watching seems to reflect reality. Movies haven't always been able to directly reflect the daily life of people which they have seemingly been able to do in recent years. However, reflecting daily life should not come at the expense of compromising the value in story telling.

I am not exactly sure how the quality of movies have changed in the past few years. However, I do know I have seen a little less of comedians like Ben Stiller. Who, at first made me a little leery with his style of humor. Although, eventually I was won over. I guess, I'm just not watching the movies I should. There must be some great films I just haven't taken the initiative to watch.

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