Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Melancholy Memory

News from me today. Okay, there really isn't any news only thoughts. Anyway, I was thinking about old things, new things, collections and things. Items that make people happy and items we do not think twice about giving away.

I remember the Elvis collection cards my Aunt used to keep in her room with her CD collection. This was in the 90's. Who knows how long they'd been there or who for that matter bought them in the first place. They were dusty when I found them... I can't image were they are now. I just remember being told to leave them where I had found them.

Another little something I'd still love to know where I left it, is a little wooden jewelry box. Hand carved flowers decorated the top and I'd had the jewelry box since I was about thirteen years old. I am not sure what I have done. I cannot for anything imagine leaving or throwing something like this out. I had been keeping wheat penny's I had been saving since -- forever -- in this little box.

Who knows if the coins were worth anything but since I was a little girl I remember having been shown a buffalo nickle. Twice, actually, on two different occasions. Each time I was told, you will probably never see one of these however if you should happen to, remember they are different and rare.

I didn't ever come across a buffalo nickel, although, I know I annoyed the hell out of people through my childhood looking through their change for rare coins. Eventually, someone started telling me that a buffalo nickel meant nothing in actuality, like they are not something anyone could spend anyway therefore they didn't mean anything.

Although, there were those who did try to distract me. I kept the annoying habit of searching for treasure. As a little kid, I thought wheat pennies were some day going to make me rich. I'd check them, flip them over, look at the year, think about how old they were in proximity to how old I was and then decide if I thought the coin was worth keeping for myself or passing along back into circulation with the hope someone else might find the coin twenty or fifty or a hundred years later. I swear, I did this until, well, for a very long while.

Anyway, somewhere, there is a damn wooden carved box holding wheat pennies that I can't find anywhere. I'm pretty more than a little angry I can't find it.

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