Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Women, Wives, and Comedians

Well, I haven't blogged in a while now. That doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of things I have felt the need to write. I just have been trying to save face... a little face... okay, really no face at all. I just haven't been interested in blogging. Le sigh. I know. 

However, today is just the day where I have had the chance to set down at my computer. Do you know what I have read about online today? Well, like me or not I am going to tell you what I have read about and what I think about what I have read about.

Here goes. I hope you all will be able to follow this... and if not, well then, for all intents and purposes then don't.

I read about Phyills Diller. I read about how she lived to be 95 years old. I think anyway 95? Yeah, I think that is what I read 95. I read somewhere about how her first husband's family didn't like her comedic act very much... Ahem... anyway... despite her characterizations and what her family liked or disliked, as it seems, Ms. Diller continued onward with her sophisticated style. She has influenced many with her walk, her talk, and her laughter. 

Do you happen to know what this makes me think about? Ms. Diller makes me think of a book I once read in my grandmother's house. Of course, I didn't read the whole book. I have a terrible habit of not reading a book from cover to cover. I always seem to skim through the highlights. Anyway, in one of these books, there was an article about how a girl could please her husband. The article even suggested a woman greet her husband at the front door when he arrives home from work wearing nothing other than plastic wrap... of course this kind of duty could only be preformed after their home was spic an span cleaned from top to bottom in preparation for the homecoming of the husband.

Do you know how old I was when I had come across this article? Well, I am not going to tell you how old I was. I will just say I wasn't old enough to have understood the concept of what the writer had attempted to display. However, even upon my not being old enough to have found this type of content (Just so you know this book had been written in the 40's or 50's era) my grandmother still discussed this article with me, to help me try to understand. I didn't. I still don't.

I don't live in the type of sitcom-ish life. I am not a woman living in the forties or fifties and I kinda of have the feeling if I had lived back then my life would actually have been liberal very liberal. So when, I read the article about Phyllis Diller and thought of what she must of had to go through in order to have become a female comedian. I thought of the article I read so many years ago about how a woman should be this fantastic perfect housewife. This got me thinking... It seems no matter what era we live in women have these stereotypical boundaries imposed upon us. I only wish someday, when my boys have children... maybe just maybe they'll respect their wives for more than role they are expected by society to play.

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