Sunday, August 26, 2012

Minnie Anna Jones McKinney and Me

To the right of the front door was a shelf with knick-knacks. There was one particular knick-knack that played the tune to "The Easter Parade". I remember asking to listen to the tune play when I would visit. Honestly, I do not really remember everything about their house although I think I remember more than anyone has ever cared to ask. There was a lot of happy memories for me there.

When you walked into the front door to the left of the door was a chair. Now, there has been many years passed since then, however, I do believe the chair was red. There's been a few years since I sat in the chair with my grandmother as she read to me, about 25 years. 

On the opposite living room wall there was a couch.  As, I remember there was a table with a rotary dial style phone next to the couch with maybe even a coffee table and on the wall separating the kitchen from the living room there was a cross. 

There in the kitchen a teakettle always sat on top of the stove. On the table, my grandma McKinney kept a sugar dish she had glued back together. She had a story about the sugar dish. If I remember correctly, it was blue porcelain. No, maybe white with fancy little scrolls. There on the table she also used to keep a shot glass for me to drink my tea from. I was very young then. Picture a four-year-old sitting at a regular adult size table and chair with a cup and saucer, pinky pointing out taking sips all lady like. Yeah, that didn't happen. I always made a mess; instead, I drank my tea out of a shot glass. 

There was a refrigerator always equipped with tang. The back door to the porch had one of those pull down blinds. The back porch was screened in and she kept a box of toys outside on there for the little kids. 

There was a garden beside the garage where she planted, I am guessing things like squash and cucumbers. However, I do not remember. I used to have to tiptoe through the garden so I wouldn't step on anything. There were watermelons that grew in patches toward the end of the backyard. There was a well house on one side of the house, if I remember correctly.

There was also an apple tree next door with a porch swing attached to one of the branches. There was firewood kept neatly stacked beside the garage covered in plastic tarps. I have absolutely no idea why but I remember there being bubble wrap in the garage and one of the fun things I used to do was go pop the bubbles in the bubble wrap. Okay, I am pretty sure my cousins and I did this together for fun that we eventually got into trouble. 

There were bird feeders for the birds. Piggyback rides to the mailbox when we checked mail. There was a wheel barrel and buckets around the house for collecting rain water to water the garden with. Also, she had a little white table setting out next to the house, I remember grandma pushing the wheel barrel up to the table.

I remember the singer sewing machine in the hallway across from the bathroom door. I remember the toilet paper was on the wall where I was too little to reach because I was only four years old. I remember that everything was always spic and span. Unlike, how I keep my house today.

I remember the second bedroom was where I slept in a bed with grandma. There was a night light in there because I was scared of the dark. I think anyway. I remember her taking to me about not being scared. She had a dresser in the room with nice things set out, nice things like fancy perfumes. This is where I am going to wrap this up. I think, that is how a letter was ended anyway...

Ask yourselves just how much you remember about your great-grandmothers? 

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