Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laugh Out Loud Or Nothing At All

Tee...hee... hee... hee... today has been yet another very interesting day. My husband is at this moment outside with my in-laws and our boys. I know I should be enjoying family time however I could not keep myself away from this blog.

What has been interesting about today you ask? Well, today Billy and I went to marriage counseling for the third time. Yeah. We agree to work together then... Yeah. Anyway. Fun times. He doesn't want to go back. We are going back. Yup.

Ahem... what was really interesting. Well, the ride home. We made a few stops. He was mad with me or mad at me anyway. We made a couple stops. Then we argued over going to Piedmont to buy a new vehicle he just has to have, then after we agreed to disagree, we took another trip to the hardware store with Greg and Wyatt.

This is what family is all about, right? The fun times, the places we go together, the places we take our children, right? I think this is what family is about. Doing things together. Anyway, this is my take.

Sometimes, I just cannot help wondering what the fuss is all about? What is difficult about a guy taking his wife along with him?

In other news, I'll keep you posted on how this family togetherness is going. I think a family trip is in order. Yes, I think this is a must.

Live. Laugh. Love. Right? Right.

Oh, by the way, we haven't gotten on the four wheeler to check the wild hog traps yet today... Do you think I am joking about the wild hog trap? Hmm...

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