Sunday, August 26, 2012

If this was the lesson I was supposed to learn. I sure enough learned this the hard way.

Today, well actually yesterday, was a very tedious day. I was as polite as I could be all day. I visited with family. 

I even went to where my better half, Billy works to take him something he had forgotten. I had thought maybe, just maybe I'd finally get to know what where he works looks like... but I wasn't lucky.

Although, I did get to go somewhere interesting. Earlier this week, I had gotten an e-mail from The Friends of the NRA about an dinner. Of course, my husband, Billy is very pro-gun; I thought this might be something the two of us could do together. He couldn't get off work to go with me, therefore I went anyway.

I may not know much about guns. I might not even shoot guns, although one thing I do know is to respect the NRA. I have to admit I was excited at the thought I might actually get to know a little about the NRA.

I won't say I didn't feel a little awkward at the dinner. I didn't know where to sit, all of the tables were almost full and most of them were reserved. I will even say I blushed a little. All of sudden, I was in a room with pro-gun lovers with nothing to talk about other than gun control laws. Which, I am pretty sure isn't the way to make friends at an NRA dinner.

When I was about to turn tail and walk out. There was Linda Black there to help me once again. She introduced me to her husband who introduced me to Jim Fallert. They were all kind enough to sit through dinner with my sister and me after I had tried to discuss the work the Clinton administration had done with gun control laws. Yikes.

Anyway, what I did learn was the dinner was intended to raise money to help the local NRA chapter. I was very happy to hear them not be shy about telling everyone where the money they raised was going and just what the money was used for. I won't say I remember exactly what the speaker had said although I do know I heard a little something about teaching young people about gun safety. Really, when I heard him say young people and safety, I didn't need any explanation. I know the NRA works together for the benefit of helping others.

There is something about the dinner I did find extra special. The items at the auction were valuable and although, I did leave early... I learned a lesson about a man named Ed who taught me about the importance of the Vietnam War even though I had read history lessons that told me something altogether different. The same Ed lectured me until I believed in the value of the NRA and I think I owe him an apology a big, big apology. I also expect a big kick in the ass from my Aunt Mary.

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