Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Couple Things Today

Rules according to me, which may or may not be actual rules. Okay they aren't rules so ignore them at will. Although, they are some damn good opinions if I do say so myself.

1. I do not write because I think everyone reflects the characters in what I write.

2. I do not write because I think everyone is going to like my opinion.

3. I do not write because I think you think that we think alike. I am pretty sure there aren't many people who do think as I do.

4. If you do not know what characterization means then look the word up in the dictionary. A characterization does not define you. Although, the word character does sometimes pose a problem. I think the word character has evolved beyond the original definition. 

5. Life is often unpleasant. Life cannot always be pleasant. However, the unpleasant could be funny. Laugh. Dammit.

6. If I write something like a poem, a play, a short story and you happen to read what I have written before I have finished, without asking or telling me you've read what I have written then... Well... I am thinking that makes either makes you unable to form an opinion or makes you an asshole. 

7. If I happen to send you something I have written that is clearly not finished with a remarkable amount of spelling and/or grammar errors, then I am guessing that makes me an idiot. Yep, this is true because I have made this mistake before.

8. If you know something I do not know, please do tell. 

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