Thursday, May 24, 2012


I laugh
I cry
I wonder
I weep
All alone
At night
Without you
I sleep

They look
They stare
They wonder
They speak
Everyone wants
To know
I don't
Everyone thinks
I know
I don't

They think
They know
They whisper
They speak
They chip
Away --
They do
Make me
Weak --

The stars
They even
Stare back
At me
As if
They don't
Think I
See --

Only know
I think
They've been
Looking for
Blame --
I can't
They should
Tell you
The same

If I knew
In a day
What you know
In a night
I'd answer
Your question
To make this
All right

Only know
I don't
The word
Going round
I question
My thoughts
I question
All sound

When Oh When
Did this
Manipulation start?
Did this happen before?
Am I playing a part?

Are you watching
To trick me
To control
My despair
Are you watching
Me clearly
Because you all care?
I only wish
The answer
was this.

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