Saturday, May 5, 2012

News According To Me

Here's what I'm thinking of today.

News papers are something I've been buying and I am also still reading my news online. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been watching too much television. I keep watching terrible things happening on the news, wondering why bad things happen for no reason at all, and contemplating how the world works. I'm hoping for a little bit of happy to come about somewhere. Just a little.

'The Scream' just sold at auction for $120 million dollars. I know. If I had a hundred and twenty dollars lying around I'd totally buy it. I'm sorry. That was a damn lie. If I had a hundred and twenty million dollars I'd go visit one of the museums where the other two copies could be found. Although, I do have to say cheers to whomever bought 'The Scream'. It is a brilliant piece of art work. I bet when Munch was visiting his sister in the insane asylum he never thought the agony he expressed through the use of pastels would contribute so much to society. One man's expression of agony admired by many and priceless to some.

American Idol has gained more of my attention this year than ever before. I don't know what it is about the show, I just gravitate toward the television most every Wednesday and Thursday night. I think it is all the constructive criticism the judges provide. Where I used to hear Simon saying in his English accent something like "I'm sorry you are just not going to make it." I now hear the something of a little different tone. Of course, I am also excited to see how the contestants evolve. I mean come on. Who isn't watching each week wondering what will happen next.

Reading is on my list of stuff I should be doing. I picked up an old version of Hamlet. At least I thought it was Hamlet. It turns out to not be Hamlet at all. It is a literary criticism explaining the dynamics of what Shakespeare might have meant. I'll be trying to read it. I swear.

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