Friday, May 25, 2012


I remember now
How you left
While all alone
I wept
I remember the
I remember
The lies
I remember
I remember
Oh yes I do
I remember now
All alone I was
Where was you

I don't now know
Why I'd forget
For then I was
So upset
You lied
You lied
You lied
You did
And now
You say
You won't again
Only now
I think
I wasn't wrong
I'm still not gone
I'm here
I'm here
Where is this control
Where did this start
Oh where
Do you know

If for me to remember
Causes a rift in the plans
I am not sure
Who started these
Memory commands
Tell me I'm wrong
When I know that
I'm not
Tell me I'm wrong
Tell me I'm weary
Make me think
I don't know
Anything clearly

I remember how
I felt all alone
How you
Swore and swore
You never left home

And know
I'm only
To trust
Never to wonder
Never to speak
Never to say
Oh never
To remember
To keep sorrow away

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