Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Day After Mother's Day!

Yesterday was mother's day. I went to visit with my mother in law and sister in law at my sister in law's house in Annapolis, four generations of family. Grandma Young, Granny Gwen, Aunt Betsy, Dana and Me with Greg and Wyatt. Tracy's nephew Dylan was there and Brandon was also there with Tina and Farron. We had a great time.

Dana told me who had bought the urn for the top of Sam's grave. I told her Billy had said the reason we could not have a gravestone was because the burial plot was so close to the road. I was under the understanding we also could not have any kind of permanent fixtures near Sam's grave. So I hope the graveyard doesn't consider taking the urn down. I think it is a nice tribute. I even went yesterday to plant the Gerber daisies Dana had bought me for mother's day. I thought it was a nice place for them. It will give me a reason to go to see Sam's grave more often because I will have to water the flowers.

Yesterday, Billy also planted me a garden next to the house as a mother's day gift. I thought this was extremely thoughtful. Although, because he works nights he didn't spend much of mother's day with me, I was happy to have taken the boys to see his sister.

There was also another little baby there for a while. I think the baby was about four months old. He seemed little in comparison to Wyatt who is now almost eight months old. I didn't stay for long after the woman brought the baby over. I listened on while Aunt Betsy rambled on about her daughter-in-law and about when Anna was little. I don't even remember what she was saying. They were talking about foster children, and babies and all I could think about was my little Sam never lived to be four months old. He never lived to see mother's day. So, I went home. Then I went to the graveyard and I hope those flowers look nice on his grave. 

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