Saturday, April 21, 2012


I just re-read a poem I wrote back when I was following the imaginary garden with real toads. I couldn't even believe I was the one who wrote the poem. The poem was called Muse. I guess sometimes I do need a little motivation. I kind of miss the real toads.

Since I didn't understand this poem myself, I feel the need to explain the verses.

Bring it to me on the table
Serve it up on a plate
Do not take forever
I do not like to wait
I can't move without your blessing
I am held here for all time
Please give me without undressing
All I want that's mine
(This stanza is Billy talking. He wants dinner.)

If I could remember
What I used to know
I'd write it down on paper
For all the world I'd show       
(This one is a change of point of view. 
It is me reminiscing of when I was nineteen 
and thought I knew it all.)                         

However I've not found it
Without your delight
You've erased all my memory
And taken away my sight
(This is me talking about how when I met my
husband my whole world changed.)

Give up
And take it
And shrewd
I need you now forever
Without you I'm no good
(This is about give and take
in our relationship.)

Hear the peacefulness presented
Words written on a page
A thought a sound, the time in now
I dwell upon the rage
Do hear me out
The time has come
Bring it all to me
I cannot wait, any longer here
I need this faithfully
(This is me saying your reading all I've written
hear it as peace even though I'm mad. It's a good 
king of mad, like a jealous wife waiting for her
husband to come home.)

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