Friday, April 20, 2012

A List of Crazy Completely Random Thoughts for Today

  1. Don't believe every book you read.
  2. Wonder who put the book there for you to read in the first place.
  3. Everything is a sign.
  4. Everything is not your sign.
  5. Happy laughter could be directed at you and not towards you, laugh anyway.
  6. High heels are pretty to look at, although falling down in them really isn't too pretty.
  7. Pantyhose are for some reason now five dollars per pair at Walmart. 
  8. Try not to get a run in your stockings. 
  9. It might actually be cheaper in the long run to just buy jeans.
  10. If your skirt is too tight and you wobble in your heels, jeans just might be the better choice.
  11. There is no hidden sign here. 
  12. Laugh. Live. Love.
  13. Yesterday, I couldn't walk in the shoes I wanted to wear.
  14. Today is Friday. 
  15. Enjoy the weekend.
  16. I am going to attempt to wear a skirt today.
  17. Wish me luck in heels.


  1. This list cracked me up! I love "everything is not your sign."

  2. Mama Zen, How are you? Idol makes me think of you every time.


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