Sunday, April 1, 2012

Childhood Memories

My childhood was a whirlwind of mystery to even myself. I had a rich imagination and enjoyed telling stories. One day in the fall, my Dad told me he was getting married. I found this a little odd. I was young and thought of his soon to be wife as a friend. Two weeks later he married and the lives of my siblings and I changed. 

I wasn't equipped with the proper emotions to understand how anyone should be able to choose the person who makes him or her happy and marry them. This is a lesson I am still learning today. There are so many things I wish I understood about love when I was a child. Life is really made better with love. Really it is.

As for the rest of my childhood, the following years become a little different in other ways. As a pre-teenager, I began to develop symptoms of what I now know as Narcolepsy. I think as a kid living with N and not knowing what was wrong with me caused strife I now only wish I could take back. However, I can't take back sleepless nights, moodiness, the class lectures I slept through, the church sermons I medically wasn't able to stay awake through or the days I went to school and was so tired I literally forgot paper and pencil every single day. I can't wish away all of the stuff my brothers and sisters had to put up with because of me.

If there is anything I could take back about my childhood, I think the sleep related symptoms I lived with would have to take the top of the list. When I was about seventeen, I was in a magazine. I don't know how the person ever found me or why I was chose as a subject. I think I'll have to be forever grateful for the person who chose to write about me in the article. Although, I will have to say I was so shy about it, I was actually embarrassed I guess you could say. Embarrassed to have attention I had never had before. Although, through the years my brothers and sisters have been my biggest supporters and now their achievements and success in life are much greater than my moment of fame in YM magazine

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