Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Court Date

Tomorrow there is another court date. Hopefully this really will be the last one before the trial. It is the last day the babysitter will be able to enter a plea and all motions will be heard, at least this is what I understand according to Case.Net.

In my heart, I am hoping the babysitter will finally say she's guilty. It is a hope I won't let go of. I want her to tell me what happened to my baby. I want her to tell me why he is no longer alive. Why he isn't here with his family being loved and held and adored.

I want her to tell me those things. The things no trial will ever solve. My son's life was lost and I want to know why. Every time someone mentions the word trial I hope in my heart the babysitter will finally enter a guilty plea and tell me what happened to my baby Sam.

I miss my baby.

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