Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear my half abandoned blog,

I have not forgotten you. I just forgot the reasons why I began to blog in the first place. I have also been questioning the reason why other bloggers blog. I find their intentions questionable and I do not want to read between lines I have never seen. I have been reading lately, you know, real books and stuff. It is amazing how much more interesting a book becomes when I am able to Google the author. 

On a side note, I am really hating my tenth grade English teacher today. I cannot stop thinking about the way she taught several different pieces of literature in the very short time I was in her class. I could have learned so much more from her if I wasn't the narcoleptic kid who couldn't stay awake through a lecture. Then again, I also feel bad for her because I know now she really did have something to teach. Also, I cannot help but wonder what other students, who actually had the benefit of staying awake, may have taken away from her class. Was it just me who didn't understand? I really honestly do not believe the average fifteen year old is really capable of grasping what I'm still reaching to understand.

I wish now, I would have had an IEP plan of some sort in high school because there is a lot I missed out on...

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