Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm Mad again
I'm Mad again
Comedy on Hunt
A pub publicity stunt
You think 
I did not know
I watched the show
What is a comedy sketch
When it is about death
Did you laugh out loud
Where you in a crowd
Or even conceal a smile
If only for a while
At first I did yes laugh
I wanted to forget
I love a little hunt
Some thin on a front
Then I did stand back
I saw this attack
And wondered who did too
If only there were a few
And how many more
Would I have to endure
A creative guise
A menacing disguise
What I'd like to forget
And still haven't yet
Is a hospital bed
Where my son was dead
A tragedy
Not someone's comedy
Pub Publicity stunt

*This is me mad at a comedian on television. As I am sure many people had been displeased with comedian's in the past, I don't feel like I am alone on this one.

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