Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grow Up... Not Happening

I am uncomfortable in saying the phrase I've grown up. I guess because I haven't. I really don't think I ever will. I am still kind of shallow. I believe a lot of the same things I did as a child. I miss my mom a whole lot. I think about all the friends (and enemies) I once had as a kid growing up and I miss people who I once had in my life.

I think about my childhood. About Ashley Stubbelfield and her super cool mom and their super cool trailer, about riding bikes in Desloge City Park, walking to Mr. Matthew's store with my cousins to buy penny candy. The noon whistle meant recess in the fall and in the summer time, it meant the pool was open.

I'll never forget my cousin Donna teaching me how to swim. How it felt to finally pass the swimming test and get to jump off the high dive with the big kids. I don't want life to ever really be any more complicated than it was then. So I'm cool with never having grown up. I'm cool with having been a Desloge kid. I miss home. A lot. And if that means never growing up. I'm cool with it.

I know not everyone had the benefit of growing up in Desloge. So, yeah if you didn't have a childhood like mine, you might be obsessed with how well you've grown up. Me, I'm pretty good with how things are. 

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  1. I can totally relate to this. I love reliving my childhood memories. I wish life could be as simple today as it was when I was a child.


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