Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Random Rant

Things Teachers Never Teach in School

When you watch a television program and you think its funny do you ever think about why you are laughing. I know most of us do not think about where the material is from; however it comes from somewhere.

Some brilliant individual creates a synopsis for every sitcom, television show, movie, and commercial. Now what is a synopsis? It is a summary for the major points of what a program is based upon.

It sounds dull, I know, a synopsis. Who cares about who comes up with a synopsis? Apparently no one cares because anyone brilliant writers think them up all of the time and we all watch these entertaining programs on TV. We laugh at them without giving a thought to who the person is who first thought up what we are all laughing at in the first place.

Now, let's all think all the way back to Seinfeld. I know everyone used to watch Seinfeld. Think about the episode where George and Jerry approach NBC to create a show about nothing. I think this is pretty close to how television shows begin. I know when I am watching How I Met Your Mother, I often wonder about who the characters might be based on, because come on, you know, someone got the idea from somewhere.

Now here are a few little facts I am thinking the general public or all of the Midwest is in the dark about. Chicago Illinois is the third largest Media market in the United States. Read more about that subject here. I also never knew media affiliates where so well connected in our very own Saint Louis but they are, at least according to Wikipedia. Now, I know you are thinking what in the world does this have to do with you. It couldn't possibly mean anything to you at all... or could it? I think it means more to you than you really want to know.

Where do you think CBS, NBC, and ABC, FOX, get their ideas for television shows and news broadcasts? How about all of the major motion pictures we all love to pay ten dollars a ticket for? I will tell you they do not get any of their ideas from people who you know. No, no, no that would be impossible. I mean who do you know who writes for television.

Do you know anyone who has studied media, taken writing classes or gone to a school with a large journalism program? I bet you don't know anyone. I bet you don't know anyone who knows anyone who writes. And... Why would they write about you?

We, in the Midwest take care of each other, don't we? It's as if we are all just one big family. Just like that show, what was it... All in the Family? Now, that was classic television.

I'm sure no one who ever went to public school had any kind of bad teachers. I know that I didn't, I mean, they were all good. I doubt any of them had a writing gig on the side. Pish posh applesauce... stuff like that don't just happen.

I mean teachers don't know writers. Newspaper reporters don't write for cartoons or television shows. But of course, St. Louis is also not home to the fifth largest debutants gatherings in the world either. I'm not sure why no one ever told me about that.

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