Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is it I have been looking up?

Okay. I know the house needs cleaning and there is a sleeping baby in my arms right this very second. There also a little baby in his crib on the verge of waking up but I miss this blog so. I have been spending an awful amount of time on Google the past few days... Okay... A week. I have spent more time on Google this past week than I should probably admit. 

What is it I have been looking up?

I am so glad you wanted to know. I have been reading about Afghanistan. I have been reading about famous people. I have been reading about the Soviet Union, the Berlin wall, the United Kingdom, China, Trade, Trade routes, Ex-presidential candidates, Harry Truman, Missouri, Missouri history, Huguenots, French ancestry, political propaganda, conspiracy theories, The French Connection, Eleanor Roosevelt, Imports/Exports, Black market handbags, the pharmaceutical companies, and I find the fact Russia imports pharmacological and exports gasoline particularly interesting... I am thinking Wikipedia is an endless amount of knowledge... anyway... I'm thinking I need to put Wikipedia down for a while. There is only so much knowledge any one person could possibly absorb. 

Blah. Google, I love you. Wikipedia, I heart you too. American newspaper industry and your history and use of propaganda... hmm... I'm thinking about you. Really, I am. Now, I must leave you for my kids...

Oh and by the way... the founder of Wiki leaks found a job... Google it...

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