Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Source: life.com via Mariana on Pinterest

How so very cruel
and unexpected
To think I once thought
Something reflected
And chose not to say
And now I do think
Intentions meant sway
And sway,sway I did
About and around
And maybe even
Somewhat upside down
So I found I think
I think I thought this
Was a rejection
Given with a miss
I never knew I
Had the need to be
Terribly concerned
How so very cruel
How so very dim
I suppose unknown
Hurt's contained within

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  1. Rejection can feel bad, even if it isn't really a rejection. It still hurts.

    (As an aside, I tried to get to your blog by clicking on the link in the poem of mine you commented on. It said "This blogger chooses not to share her profile." I encourage you to change this, as this is often how I visit blogs rather than going searching back to the original site, etc. It makes it easier for many who would like to comment on your poetry!)


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