Friday, February 3, 2012

The Temptation is to Let Go

Old foes of friends
Old friends of foes
Old now I know
I do suppose

Temptation show
Temptation knew
Temptation tire
Old tamest shrew

Forget desire
Forget the name
Forget all those
They are the same

Remember goes
Remember when
Remember is not
Where I begin
I want to stop
I want to slow
I want I want
Old friend now foe

She gave a grunt
She gave a give
She gave she did
Now here I live

The scar now hid
The eye did heal
The grudge now gone
Yes this I feel

Old lure now drawn
Old mends do make
Old friendship lost
Please recreate

This is my response to a challenge at imaginary garden with real toads


  1. Thanks for this unusual take on a nonetheless not uncommon kind of temptation! I'm glad you are part of this time's FBF!

    1. I liked the prompt... so many places I could take it... this is only one temptation on my list.

    2. it's interesting how she says "uncommon" kind of temptation. i wonder what makes this uncommon

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Laurie. The poem is about a girl who blacked my eye once... LOL... she really did me a favor...

  3. I think this is an excellent piece of writing in both form and conception. Well done in keeping up the pace right through to the end.

  4. Nice response to the prompt...I felt a closure of some sorts. If things turned out well in the end, then its all good ~

  5. smooth writing, I understand the temptation in this, nice one

  6. Well done. Friends, foes, forgiveness...yes, very well done.


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