Sunday, February 12, 2012


Oh it tis where it tis
and it tis where it aint.
I just gots to know, though,
what is you a saint?
Pleasure from pressure
isn't this is so?
Thought it before?
And this is how it do go-
Someone did know
yes yes they ask
because of ambition
they gave you a task.
It went the right way
and far it did go
though conquered
no fears
of the adolescent foe.
Information will cause change
and change all does go
There are no real sides
a foe for one should know.
Some facts are all wrong--
all jumbled and such.
The truth of kid
is narrow too much.
A kid as a joke,
a joke a kid,
may have a chance
out of life
despite what you've did.


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