Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Story Telling At It's Best

A Family Story

One of my fondest childhood memories is when my mom and stepdad were still dating. I was only about four years old then. My mom drove a yellow ford truck and we stopped at a house my dad was remodeling. I remember walking along the sidewalk to a neighbor's house. Where I met a blonde little girl, we walked over to her Grandma's house where we played on a merry-go-round and caught fire flies.

From then on, I thought this blonde little girl and I were going to be best friends forever. My mom married my stepdad, the blonde girl became my cousin, her grandma became my grandma and we soon moved into the remodeled house.

Eventually, we moved and then we moved again back to another house on the very same street. We lived not far from school. My cousins where my best friends and every morning we walked to school together, this was the highlight of my childhood years. The simple years when I was teased but didn't really know what teasing was because as long as I got to hang out with the big kids, I thought I was cool.

The simplicity of going to school together in a gang, riding bikes, playing cops and robbers, made those first childhood years memorable and I could not tell this story any other way.

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