Sunday, February 5, 2012

Housewife Frump

Source: via Emi on Pinterest

Okay. Okay. I am so going to have to admit a guilty pleasure here. After watching The Voice tonight, I feel compelled to share with everyone my little secret. Here it is. I am a little over four months postpartum and the only time I feel like putting on eye makeup and getting myself fixed up is after I have watched other pretty women on TV flaunt their stuff. I know it is a terrible secret but a big thanks to the Kardashian sisters for keeping it up and of course Cher and Christina in the movie Burlesque. Without hot women on TV to remind me a little make up and a push up bra goes a long way I'd never get out of my postpartum frump. Thanks ladies.

But on the flip side if I have got to argue with my husband about what Christina is wearing on The Voice, again, I just might have to scream. After all, it is not easy to convince a man that what he is seeing is a little tint of spray tan when he thinks he is seeing areola. Ugh... hot eye makeup ladies but please for love of us stay at home moms cover the cleavage a little more. I know I don't own a bra that can make me look that hot.

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