Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pick Me

The Trendiest Kids on the Block is accepting guest bloggers. I want the job. Here is why:

1. I have two kids.

2. I need something to do.

3. I have read one million blogs a lot of different information about how-to-be a real good blogger.

4. I am forced to test out new stuff for babies and toddlers on a regular basis (Note the two kids).

5. I am always finding great stuff for kids I'd like to write about.

6. I'm a product (insert dirty word here).

7. Shiny new stuff makes me happy.

8. I am running out of conspiracy theories to write about that do not effect family members I never

   see, and celebrities I will most likely never meet. Therefore a place to write about nothing other

   than babies and kids is so the place for me.

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