Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Take On Today

Today is Valentine's Day. I used to think today meant I should be given roses and taken out to dinner. As a little girl, I always dreamed of the day when some man would sweep me off my feet and give me everything I always wanted. The only thing here is that everything I always thought I wanted was everything I saw on TV. So... as Valentine's Day is a highly publicized holiday with lots of television commercials about flowers, gifts, and sexy lingerie. Those are naturally all the things I thought I always wanted.
As it turns out, love isn't about the fancy restaurants I'll never go to. It isn't about the Victoria's Secret credit card I haven't cancelled. Shh... I haven't told my husband. Or anything else a person could buy in a store.

I have spent so much time watching all those TV shows that depict a man a dog for forgetting to pamper his love on Valentine's Day that I forgot something valuable. I forgot I could make Valentine's Day happen for me. I love television but sometimes I think scripted shows actually lack a little something. Therefore, I am going to forget about who gets what in TV land and hug my little boys a little closer. I might even give my husband a kiss or two... Happy Valentine's Day!   

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