Monday, February 20, 2012

Hmm... Mean Much? I think Not

So, I have been reading about conspiracy theories. I just have to say this: blah blah and more blah. I'd tell you all more about what it is I find particularly laughable but... it is all pretty laughable. I think I am just going to stick with watching the movie National Treasure for my entertainment value.

I like to watch unpolluted television. I like to watch unpolluted television commercials and I also like to read about random theories on the internet. Reality television. I heart you too. I don't want to have to speculate or read into you either. Take this not for any type of convoluted message.

I like to look for careful signs that mean something to me and only me. I don't look for signs so that they might mean something to anyone else other than myself. If I understood anything about conspiracy. I understood this. Lindsay Lohan is going to be on SNL and I am going to laugh with her not at her because the last time she hosted SNL she was funny. I like to laugh.

I also like to pray, dream, believe, and hope. Normal, really? I think so.

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