Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy Motivation

Let me tell you why it is I love Rachel Ray. A few years ago, after my son passed away I had no motivation to do anything. Family members and friends would call me and I wouldn't answer the phone. I put off everything thinking there was always tomorrow. I would always feel better tomorrow. Only tomorrow never came. I never felt any better. 

Although, there was one cheerful voice on the television every day. The owner of that voice was Rachel Ray. I couldn't get enough of her humor, her smile, and the way she seemed to make cooking look so simple. 

I recorded her cooking shows, her talk show, and I know this is silly to say but she gave me a reason to get up and get motivated. I started going to the grocery store in search of fresh ingredients to cook with. I will admit many of the things Rachel uses are ingredients I had never heard of before watching her show. So this made me interested in learning about what spices go best with certain foods so I could make appropriate substitutions when necessary.

I started going to the library to read books on cooking. I think the first couple of books I checked out where Rachel Ray cook books. Somewhere along the way, I have lost my motivation to prepare meals just as Rachel does... Then again, every time I watch her show I remember how excited she first made and it makes me want to try and cook better foods all over again.

I couldn't love Rachel Ray more. She gave me the healthy motivation I needed to get up and get with it. I now just need to get it together again. I'd love to look more like Sophia Vergara in the latest Pepsi commercial. I wonder if watching more of the Rachel Ray show and cooking healthier meals could help me out with that. I know. I know. Healthy foods and better ingredients is a start... Thanks Rachel Ray... I love love the show. 

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