Thursday, February 9, 2012


The following story is fictional.

"I have thought about what you asked me last session. Everything does seem to be looking very familiar all of a sudden. It's like I am seeing these two women everywhere, only I am not."

"Who? What? Two women?" asks the therapist as she searches for writing material.

"Well, one woman was the former chair who shot down the bill calling it a souvenir. I don't even understand how a person could make such a label but she did. Now, the second woman is a mommy blogger who seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. The weird part is both of these women like to have tea parties. I'd like to be invited for tea or at least I think it could be fun."

"What?!!" asks the therapist, again, now completely confused.

"I am just trying to tell you how everything seems to be connected."

"Okay, so you like to think there are relationships to things beyond your understanding."

"Oh, yes, yes I do."

"So you thing everything is always related to you."

"Of course not."

"Wait... but you just said..."

"No, no, I said I recognize the influence of these two women everywhere around me and I assume there are connections somewhere. I just don't know where."

"Uh huh." the therapist is now frantically making notes. "What does any of this have to do with you?"

"Ultimately, nothing."

"Then why do you care?"

"Well, I really don't care."

"So, you are making the connections in your mind."

"No. I didn't say it like that at all. When you say it like that it sounds like crazy talk."

"Well, then what did you mean?"

"I meant that there is so much going on around me it is like flipping déjà vu everywhere."

"Uh huh." questions the therapist as she jots down a note.

"Yes. So right. Write this in your little book too. There is a divine interconnectedness to everything. I saw that said once in a documentary about a woman Louise who photographed for Harper's Bazaar."

"I think we are getting a little off subject."

"Wait. I thought it was your job to listen then analyze not interrupt in order to change my path and/or train of thought."

"Okay." says therapist while taking more notes. "You seem to have good insight."

"Yes, well, how about this. Gwenth Paltrol was recently featured in an article for Harper's Bazaar... And before that she did a telephone interview for the New York Times about Ellsworth Kelly."

"What. You are now totally-- Ahem." the therapist stops talking long enough to adjust her skirt in a semi nervous manner. "What does any of this have to do with you?"

"Again, it has nothing to do with me. I just happen to like Ellsworth Kelly. I personally have very little grasp on the concept of color theory and I find the man's work and simplicity to be almost genius."

"Okay. Now we are finally getting somewhere." fidgets the therapist. Who is now looking around the room for her keys. "Tell me more."

"Why do I need to tell you more about Ellsworth Kelly?"

"You don't. You need to tell me more about how all this is connected."

"Well, if I thought all this was connected then I'd be a crazy conspiracy theorist of some sort."

"But you are not?"

"No. I am not. None of this really has anything to do with me. I just like to read a bunch of random stuff on the internet."

"Oh. Okay."

"So, anyway, how hot was Gwenth Paltrol in the cut out piece she was wearing? Did you happen to see it? She was exquisite really. And very interesting to say the least."

"I am not so sure therapy is what you need." interjects the therapist. "How about some samples."

"But I told you before I didn't come here to be medicated."

"Well then, I do not think there is anything I can do for you. Our time is almost up. When do you want to schedule your next appointment?"

"Well, if there isn't anything you can do for me then I don't."

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, femmefauxpas challenged me with "Just stop where you are and look around. Is there anything you recognise, anything at all? " and I challenged Lance with "Tell a story about a person who runs out of gas in the middle of the road."


  1. I like the names and dialogue. Good job with the prompt. well done.

  2. Thanks Lance but I feel your blog could so beat up mine...


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