Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Conspiracy Theory

I must admit I own a fake handbag. Okay, I own two. One was a gift so technically I only committed the fake purse crime once. I was in good company too wink wink. I am happy to announce that neither of the two fake bags I own contained anything odd or unfamiliar. However, I am thinking I have stumbled upon a little information anyone who regularly supports the distribution of counterfeit goods ought to know.

Stew on this awhile.

The United State imports textiles from Pakistan. Yes, the word textile also means fashion accessories and fashion accessories also happen to mean knock off bags. Now, Ahem... this is where it all gets interesting. Pakistan is a neighboring country to Afghanistan. The two countries have some sort of Trade agreement that allows hundreds of shipping containers to enter Afghanistan from Pakistan on a daily basis. I read about this trade agreement here on Wikipedia.

Now, why does this matter? I know you don't think it matters to you and your precious almost looks like the real thing handbag but it so does. It matters because Afghanistan's major source of income is Opium

I know, we are not in Afghanistan or Pakistan to tell what goes on or is put into those shipping containers but I have a damn good idea some of those counterfeit purses get shipped back an forth for a reason. Um... and then what country is one of the biggest markets for Pakistani exports? Well, according to Wikipedia it is the United States, check out this map

So, I am thinking the next time I see FOX 2 report about the heroine epidemic I am going to clutch my fake handbag a little tighter and wonder where it's been and what it may have carried. And just in case you haven't linked my little conspiracy theory up yet -- heroine comes from opium, opium comes from Afghanistan, Afghanistan trades goods with Pakistan, Pakistan makes textiles, the United States buys textiles from Pakistan. Think about it. Really hard. 

Now, what did FOX 2 have to say about the increase of heroine? 

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