Monday, January 2, 2012

What Next?

I listened
I wrote
I heard it
In a funny joke

My quiet voice
It will not budge
Still yes, I hold
This awful grudge

Quiet will
I always stay
Until justice
Melts my tears away

You didn't really think
I'd take this lying down

You didn't really think
This look upon my pretty face
Was something
 Other than a frown

The streams and streams
Of funny things
And all that's left
Was simply kept

Please tell me
The thoughts are still around
You didn't really think
I'd take this lying down


  1. An interesting question from what I supposed happened to you ~

    Still I wish you luck and cheers for the new year ~

  2. I do hope you find the power to let go of the grudge.

  3. Writing is a great release on our journey to letting go! Forgiveness is freedom!

    Blessing to you in 2012.

  4. oh this is powerful, the rhyme is great too! great to see this up at Real Toads!

  5. Written from the depths! Wishing you the ability to forgive too, as it is more for you than the other person.

  6. amazing one.

    love the depth your words have traveled.


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