Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stumbling Along The Blogging World

It was brighter than it should have been. I had been all over the Internet reading about mommy blogs when I happen to have found an eBook opportunity. So, I wrote the silliest most laughable and attention grabbing story I could think of and I sent it in. I waited. I obsessed and I of course did not make the cut.

However, after my first fearless attempt, I figured why not try it again and I applied for another paid blogging job. Despite the previous self-inflicted humiliation, I was still considered hirable somehow managed to land that job with a group of other very talented bloggers. I can't even really explain how I felt then. My level of gratitude is still immeasurable.

At first, I only wanted to show others I could make money blogging. Then somehow it all evolved into something. I am sure what it evolved into but I do know I wasn't taken seriously or at least in the way I had expected. So I am stuck here really, looking back and kind of lost. I am not sure I knew then what I had signed on for but I do know now what it all really means. Mommy bloggers truly are a force in the advertising industry. A very respected force not to be taken lightly.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Seeking Elevation challenged me with "It was brighter than it should've been." and I challenged Bewildered Bug with "Listen to your favorite Green Day song and write something. Oh, for the love of God don't use "The Time of Your Life.""

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