Monday, January 9, 2012

A Simple Day

I wrote this today for the imaginary garden with real toads

As in to sail
Through a warm summers day
Not as in sale
Or cell
Or any other
Meaning of the word
Hear me out
On this winters day
Not every word
Is meant to say
Some words
Are only words
Owned by no one
Not to be sold
Or bought
Simply taught
As in teach
As in learn
As in earn
Not sale
Or sold
Or bought
Or given
Just sail
This day
And tomorrow
Without tears
Without sorrow
Sail thorough
As in a warm summer's day


  1. As in teach
    As in learn
    As in earn
    - love the flow of these lines

    cool piece

  2. some words are only words..i like that line...I hope I can sail through this day as a warm summer's day...nice piece

  3. Susie, when I read the words all together I am reminded of an Enrique Iglesias song. Does this mean I should link to him or something? I think he sings "Words are only words Can you feel thatbaby" I don't know what the protocol is here when two things sound similar.

  4. I like how you ripple rhyme - take a sound and continue it - then break - it has a nice melodic feel - enjoyed reading this today from RT!

  5. I like the simple lines and form running down the page. I like the image of sailing thru a warm summer day though it is winter from where I am .

    Nice use of seasons as metaphor ~

  6. If you want us to sail, then this poem is the wave that propels us, the wind that fills the sail. Beautifully done.

  7. Great use of same sounding words. It might just create some tongue twisters!



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