Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Selfish New Year's Resolution Update

Hello. I had yet another resolution to blog better not bitter or something along those lines. Well, it is a good thing my resolution had nothing in it that actually said the word bitter because if so then I would have already broken it.

Now, my blog hasn't taken off. Aside from a group project I worked on this summer, I still have yet to make any money from this blogging gig. Although, I will say I like blogging and will continue to do it even if I never make another penny. 

I know. I probably shouldn't admit I blog for nothing as I follow all of the incredible bloggers who get all kinds of free stuff to review and make money from sponsors or banners and stuff. Because it's pretty clear I'd love to be just like them. 

I'd love to be able to supplement my household income with a blogging adventure. It's just not happening for me. Yes, I might even sound contradictory when I say I blog for no pay for the simple fact I like to blog. When, at the very same time, I want to make money so that I can be a work at home stay at home mom. I know I am contradicting myself but hey what blogger doesn't dream of making a profit from his or her blog?

So, although I haven't hit the big time. I am still here blogosphere. I am working on the New Year resolution to blog better. I haven't forgotten. I've been commenting. I've been reading other people's stuff, tying to write short stories and poems. Maybe one day this blog will be better. Until then I am not going anywhere. 


  1. Can you email me.

    I have a basic quick ten tips I can give you, if you're interested.

    WOuld love to hear from you...

  2. Try being on Twitter too, most of them blog and some are making money from it too?
    Good luck and thanks for visiting mine.


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