Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scared To Blog: You Bet

This post was originally meant to be a comment on this post
Until, I decided it was a better fit for a post of my very own.

When I first started blogging I thought words and phrases I actually use in real life could be considered plagiarism, if in fact, someone else had already used them in their blogs. As an example of my ignorance, I was afraid that since I used Redneck mommy that I would have made "Tanis the Redneck Mommy" angry because I read her blog before I wrote those words in my blog. However, this can't possibly be plagiarism because I am from a US Midwestern redneck state. I had no real plan in place when I first started blogging and I read other blogs and I liked the idea of blogging. Until, one day I read a post about plagiarism and was scared that I may have already used someone's words without realizing it was wrong. 

Now I *think* I know the difference, like if, I say "mommy brain" out loud a hundred times a day and then read a post were someone mentions "pregnancy brain" then I write a blog post with the words "pregnancy brain" not even thinking that the word I normally use is "mommy" then it is still not plagiarism. One word I read and liked or even three words I read, like, and now say everyday does not constitute as plagiarism. Now, if I had copied entire paragraphs, used them without quotes or citing the source that would indeed be plagiarism. Moreover, if you have taken the time to read this in its entirety I want to ask you where you think your inspiration comes from. How about Lady Gaga's... Huh? Or maybe even Andy Warhol? Culture? Is the blogging culture inspiration all on its own? Think about it and get back to me. What is the difference between plagiarism and word prompts or inspiration?

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