Monday, January 23, 2012

Questions Answered

My first job was at a nursery and no, it wasn't a cute little baby nursery. It was at a greenhouse with an assembly line. It was kind of like Lavern and Shirley only instead of glass bottles there were containers filled with dirt. I stood alongside a conveyer belt with several other school-aged kids and placed starters in the dirt. It was a dirty job. Although I will have to say, it was very interesting to learn how petunias begin. I expected pretty but who would have guessed dirt? 

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A happy place. Do I have one? I don't know that I do. Everything that is happy for me seems to dredge up old memories. So, my home has to be my happy place because I like it here best.

Blogging has definitely changed my outlook. There was a time when I felt so alone and didn't know... I just didn't know. I was so confused about life and the people in my life and myself. Blogging has given me a sense of self worth. 

The most unusual family tradition I have is my non-participation. I enjoy the holiday most when I just enjoy it and don't do anything at all. I have an issue with comparison and over compensation when it comes to the holidays. If I try, I try too hard; I obsess and then become very frustrated when I cannot achieve some weird sense of perfection. So I will have to say the most unusual family tradition I seem to have established is the non- participation participation of the holidays. I go to the family events. I enjoy myself. I go home. 

Someone who is never late
I still love her anyway.
Oh, wow. Anxiety and depression. If I wrote a story about those two I'd need a blog just for them. In order to keep it short, I will say that sometimes I may appear a little imbalanced when I am just sleepy. It happens. Now, as far as the anxiety part goes... unless you are a psychologist I'll keep this one to myself. Thank you very much.

Google plus is amazing. I love how it is organized. The circles make it so that angry relatives thrice removed don't read the same posts as editors, writers, bloggers, and/or social media gurus. This is such a good thing.

Um... to be perfectly honest, I love love people who are late. They make me feel more comfortable. Almost as if, the situation is a little more casual. Room for elbowroom or growth or something. I don't know... It all depends on the situation. 

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  1. I love this honest look at your life. Some times we are tempted to cover things up with pretty lies. Your words on blogging are so true. For me it has given my spirit a rebirth.


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