Monday, January 30, 2012

My View From Here

I've read about this
in books you know.
Where people meet,
bliss comes about,
no words exchange. In fact
I have based my life around
the kind of love that comes
and never goes.

This real magic
only  appears
it never disappears.
It isn't myth,
after all this
we are still together.


  1. Still together. Here, too --- for almost 44 years. A lovely poem for Open Link Monday!

  2. That's a perfect Valentine's Day poem, Hannah. Hide it someplace until then! :-)

  3. Such a great sentiment for the upcoming season, and said so simply and straightforwardly.

  4. So promising to see couples stick together through life's challenges. My husband and I have been through some, too... going on 14 years of marriage now.

  5. its not something that comes have to work at it if that kind of love is to be held...coming up on 16 years here....

  6. Beautiful..and I believe it too ~

  7. Beautiful and so true. My parents were together for 50 years. Even after his death, my mom remained true to him. She would always say that once you have the best nothing else measures up. Blessings.


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