Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Your Story And It Isn't All At The Same Time

Photo by Isadora Gruye

It's your turn to talk.
So speak.

The perfect words
The perfect stride

Let the hurt slip
right out
for all to see.

not so suddenly.

That was too loud,
dial it down a notch.
Squeeze out a little smile,
hold back
one tear.

is when I tell you.
It seems so insincere.


Then relive
it all this instant.
Be quiet,
only give in.

Hold back
let the laughter rise
this time I know it will
only now, start over
then do it all again.

No one really wants to hear you, honey.
You always talk too much.
Fear is not the question.
The answer is give up the lonely fuss.

This is my response to a challenge from Imaginary garden with real toads. Isadora Gruye photo was the basis for the challenge. More of her photography can be found here along with her blog found here


  1. Yikes. Talk, no don't talk. Wonder why she's going nervous.

  2. Hmm... good question. I think she needs to grow up.

  3. I think it's her turn to listen.

    Squeeze out a little smile,
    hold back
    one tear.

    A bit controlling is she! :)

  4. I found these words to be very powerful: a look at the roles we are expected to play: speak when spoken to and say what we want to hear. The last line is chilling: "The answer is give up the lonely fuss." It seems to sap the worth of the person's voice. What an excellent response to the prompt.

    1. Yes, exactly. Sap the worth. I like those words.

  5. Hi there an thanks for turning my photo into worthy words. I think Kerry is spot on in the powerful impact this piece has on the roles and expectations given to us, to still and even like stone. Viva la

    1. Isadora,thank you for the photo.I like your interpretation of the poem. I didn't think to use the words "roles and expectations" but I was trying to show how it feels like to be a woman in pain and have several people breathing down your neck expecting you to show the "appropriate" amount of sorrow.

  6. We speak, we don't, we laugh, we cry...we try to become what others have spoken my struggle of the last year like you lived it with me. Nice work!

  7. Definitely some neurosis going here. You never know what people want/expect from you. Nicely written.

  8. I always say we can kill ourselves with words like "should" and you have shown we can BE killed by them as well. Beautifully done.

  9. Don't know what the challenge was ... but this is oh so good. I loved the "beat" that you set. I almost sung this and the if I wasn't so damned old I would have got up and danced to the song.


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