Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Freshly Painted Sign

**Updated and explained on April 22, 2012

Adversity is my friend
In a world full of foes
I see no one
For I cannot
Take their woes
(This is me talking about
how I feel like I have no 
friends left since I have became 
isolated since my son's death.)

Names just a blur
My dear
With Faces
Dark and dreary
Unknown intentions never show
Amongst those who speak too clearly
(This is me talking about how everyone says
one thing and means another. How often people 
are laughing and I have no idea what it is
they are laughing at and I am always
thinking they are laughing at me.)

Look and find
The message here
A painted sign
All fresh
And clear
(This is me saying I know someone painted
the sign and had a good laugh.)

However know
Who put in place
The pleasure of
Someone's distaste
(This is me saying I am not sure what the sign is supposed to say so
the joke has got to be funnier to the guy who put it up there.)

 I picked up an Orphan prompt from IndieInk "The world is tough...and to find happiness in it you have to summon resilience, resolve, and self-sufficiency. [Adversity] is a process developed over centuries to teach you how to govern yourself and how, as the Buddhists say, to live joyfully in a world of sorrows.' - Pico Iyer, author. Do you see adversity as a friend or a foe?"

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