Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleepy Girl

This is the second piece to All Encompassing Slumber here is the first.

Megan pulled herself together. She threw on a t-shirt and jeans and was out the door. The seaside life was breezy and beautiful. It was actually a little too warm and breezy. There wasn't much in the way of clothing choices.

No, the weather dictated all clothing choices. The flip-flops she had on were half-broken, fixed with duck tape and ready to fall apart. They were her lucky pair (her only pair) so she wore them anyway.

Meg slid into her early morning class an acceptable five minutes late. However, acceptable tardiness or not the lecture was a complete miss. She fell asleep, again, the same as almost every day. In mid lecture, she woke up to realize she would once again have to borrow notes.

She made decent grades from copying everyone else's lecture notes. This practice got her through the first two years of college. There really was no point in her even going to classes. Yet, she went.

After class, a walk outside through a side door avoided the commons area. Dirty looks from smokers were preferable over sneers from the crowd who gathered inside.

With dark rings against her young pale face Meg looked like a walking zombie. She should have never taken a class so early in the morning. A night class would have been better and much more productive.

The medication Meg had started a few weeks earlier was supposed to have been a new miracle drug. It wasn't. However, she stayed vigilant with her routine, the dreaded sleep routine and hoped for the best.

As she sat down in the desk for her next class, Meg looked down. The lucky flip-flop she cherished was now broken beyond the point of repair. Now half-shoeless, she also noticed her clothes. The jeans and tee she haphazardly threw on happened to be the same outfit she had worn on Friday and Sunday and now Monday too.

Where had the time gone? Meg sure as hell didn't know. Everything was a drowsy haze. Exhaustion weighed her down. She sat straight up to fight it off. Yet there was really no point. 

Sleep wrapped around her like a cloak. A warm seduction from the outside in and left her with no hope. Within seconds she was asleep again. The words from earlier still fresh "I never said I'd take this lying down" escaped. Only this time she was not in bed, but in a school desk surrounded by twenty of her peers.

This is my response to the IndieInk writing challenge. This week Fran challenged me with "Sunday evening you realize you're wearing the same clothes you wore on Friday. Where did the weekend go?" And I challenged Sherree with "The sea creature wrapped himself around her waist. Then he emerged with legs."

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