Sunday, January 1, 2012

All Encompassing Slumber

Fiction Writing

She woke up in a swirl of complete madness. The dream seemed so real. So real, Megan could almost touch the contents of her own mind. With a quick jolt, she jumped and kicked in a violent rage. The words, "I never said I'd take this lying down" escaped her. Only she spoke to no one. No one was there. All alone, she shivered.

Megan tugged on the covers and within seconds, the warmth of the duvet took its grip. This time the dream was not quite so vile. However, Megan knew if she didn't get out of bed, she would be late for class. So In the midst of the dream, she shook her body in a repetitive motion in an attempt to free herself.  This time she woke up slowly. Half alert Megan stood and the world seemed to shift as she fought the urge to crawl back into bed.

Megan loved sleep but dreaded it so. A simple fact no words could ever explain. Sleep was an adventure all its own. Well, it was for her anyway. If days on end spent in bed were acceptable this was something, she would do. Though it simply was not acceptable. So every day she got out of bed.

On most days, the dreams faded quickly. There were some days that she took the time to write them down. The images in her head just seemed so real she almost felt it wrong not to give life to them. Other days she ignored the dreams all together, eager to forget.

Today, however, was an all together different sort of day. She did not have the time to stop and write. Yet the terror she had felt while asleep simply would not fade. It encompassed her. The words she had spoken involuntarily, "I never said I'd take this lying down" ran through her mind, over and over again. 

This is my response to this week's IndieInk Writing Challenge. This week Sunshine challenged me with "I never said I'd take this lying down." and I challenged Aimee with "I read it in a book. It's real. I didn't make the theory up." 


  1. I could never take nightmares lying down either.

  2. I've started keeping a notebook by my bed so I can write down some of my dreams. A few of them have been very prophetic.

  3. I write my dreams down from time to time. I am a big fan of Carl Jung's theory on dreams. I think they only mean something to the person dreaming them. I don't think they are any kind of prophecy. I am not really even sure I believe in prophecy. Anyway, I do feel like dreams make for good science fiction stories... If I could only learn how to write in a descriptive way so that someone might be interested in reading what I write.

  4. interesting: "she could almost touch the contents of her own mind."

  5. I'm with Marian, I loved that line. Great work on this.


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