Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Selfish New Year's Resolution

Amateur Blogger Work-In-Progress 

Today I read this on MomCrunch and it make me think about my New Year's resolution. There are many things I really need to work on to make 2012 a better year than 2011 has been but I'm only going to choose one resolution for the New Year. I am being realistic here. 

I want to make a change that I am actually capable of and also one I am not likely to forget. So here goes. My BIG change for the New Year might be selfish but it is one I want. 

I want to be a better blogger. I also want a live in house cleaner, a nanny, and take out every night but I am not likely to get any of those. So I'll stick with the blogging thing. Here is to the New Year. This is what I've come up with. Oh, and God help me I still need a mission statement.

My Blogging Dreams 

I want to earn money blogging so I can stay at home with my kids and supplement our income.

I want to take part as a regular contributor writing articles for other blogs in a group type project.

I want to become a better blogger.

I want to make good blogging contacts through social networking sites.

I want people to read what I write.

I want to show there is more to me than being a SAHM.

I want to become a better writer.

I want to explore meeting new people online that I couldn't otherwise meet because of social-economical barriers. (And not in a weirdo stalker sort of way either. Blah. Gross.)


I want to increase my readership to 1,000 page views a week.

Then (someday) a 1,000 page views a day.

I want to post every day.

After I increase my readership, I want to begin to write sponsored posts.

Take part in more writing challenges.

Action Plan

Increase readership by commenting on other blogs who have links to show my last post.

A. I have to at least be a fan of the blogger.
B. Good luck finding one who doesn't already think I'm an idiot.
C. I have to like their material on a regular basis.
D. I have to come up with better stuff to say other than (Love it.)

Learn how to effectively use twitter, Facebook, and Google plus so they aren't sucking up my time (without annoying everyone I know.)

Find out what SEO tactics means.

Get to Work

I've really got to do something worth writing about.

I have to write a Mission Statement. (Gah!)

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